Our Story

The story behind Family Friendly Escapes……. The birth of our first child Lola changed our world completely. Coupled with an international job move from England to Singapore, our lives would never be the same again. Two became three, and not long after four with the arrival of Levi. Everything was different: we were a family.

Shortly after moving to Singapore I began to notice that despite the fantastic location – a springboard into Asia and beyond – it was incredibly difficult to find family friendly accommodation in places that we were keen to explore. I realized many other families were having similar difficulties: hours spent trawling the internet, drowning in misleading information, disappointing and misrepresented holidays.

Having children is a great opportunity to rethink your own lives, your hopes and dreams and everything in between. I chose to leave the corporate world behind, focus on my new baby and channel my ten years of events and marketing experience in a new direction….. Family Friendly Escapes.

Family Friendly Escapes was born out of a genuine need: a real option for families like us who didn’t want the adventures or luxury to stop when the children came along, but would rather create new experiences that the whole family could enjoy together. We really understand the unique requirements of your family break, and that all families are different. Our mission is to take the stress out of your holiday choices by providing you with stylish and luxurious parent-recommended properties, suited to your individual family needs – with no compromise on quality or detail. You definitely won’t come back more stressed than before you left.

We take all the frustration and hassle out of planning a holiday, so you get the peace, tranquility, and luxury you deserve. Don’t compromise on your holidays when little ones join the fold. With Family Friendly Escapes, your new adventures are only just beginning…



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